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Support -Downloading and Viewing e-book

3. Download our textbook into the e-reader.

How to download our e-textbook:

We will use the iPhone5 as an example.

Once you purchase an e-copy of our textbook, you will receive a download link.

This download link will arrive as an email message.

You must open this email message on the device where you have your e-reader installed.

Once you click on it, you will see a screen similar to this:

Scroll down to see the following, then tap on the link.

If you have several choices of e-readers, select Bluefire Reader for your portable device or Adobe Digital Editions for your Mac or Windows PC. In this case, click on 'Open in Bluefire Reader'.

On a mobile device, you will then need to choose your e-reader. If more than one reader is present, click on 'open with':

Select the Bluefire e-reader (unless you already have DL Reader on your device)

Then, enter your Adobe Editions user ID and password:

The e-book should then start downloadinig. Please have patience. It can take a few minutes.

To learn how to navigate through our textbook, click here .

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